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We are currently restructuring our onboarding process.  I believe we have our new orientation day nailed down.  Now I am looking at 30, 60, 90 or other check in points.  What does your onboarding look like?  Do you implement checklists, survey's, one on one meetings?  What has worked for you?  Suggestions or ideas? 

Thanks for any suggestions - Tori

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  • Tori - What is a good email for you?  I have a 38 Page HR Onboarding Toolkit and an simple one page Onboarding Checklist I'd like to send your way! Hopefully they can help you! 

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  • Hi Tori,  we have implemented a one page form where the manager evaluates the employee's performance so far and the employee can answer questions about their experience.  Normally the manager, HR manager and training manager meet in person with the new employee to go over the document.  It's been difficult to keep up with when we have a lot of new hires all in a short period of time.  Overall, it has been beneficial to have the conversation.  Better than not checking in!  I've attached the form we've been using.

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  • Grace Watson  Thanks so much!  So do the three of you meet the individual all together at each check point?

    Ryan Mount Ryan Mount Hi, my email is todoherty@scentsy.com . I cannot wait to review it. :-)

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  • Tori -

    We've created an onboarding toolkit for our company and then carried it through with some of our clients.  We all have trouble having time for it. So, by formalizing the process and spreading it across multiple people makes the impact less when it happens or happens in volume.  Plus, putting some of the ownership on the employee to start the 30, 60, and 90 day check ins.  If you'd like to talk through what we do, just give me a holler and I'm happy to share.  - Robin (Robin@strategicHRinc.com / 513-697-9855 x302).

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  • Tori ODoherty Yes, at least the supervisor and I (HR) will meet with the individual.  Depending on where they are in their training, the training manager will participate as well.

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  • Ryan Mount  I am in the process of expanding our Onboarding and Offboarding programs, and I'd be very interested in reviewing the toolkit and checklist you have.  Our agency is comprised of approximately 4,500 employees, so once the new employees start HR hands them over to their respective supervisors and has very little involvement with them unless they have specific HR-related questions.  I'm attempting to change our culture in this area to be more in touch with our employees, as well as encourage their supervisors to be a little more hands-on.  If you wouldn't mind sharing your job aids, please email them to me at Ker.Runnels@la.gov.  I'd truly appreciate all the ideas!

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  • Keri Runnels You got it.  Sending it over shortly! 

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  • Ryan Mount So sorry...I entered the wrong email address...it is supposed to be Keri.Runnels@la.gov.  Please forgive me, and thank you in advance!

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  • Got it! You should have received them! 

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  • Hi  Ryan Mount ! I would also be interested in seeing what you have done as well if you don’t mind sharing.! My email is jrico@iprotech.com

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  • Hi Ryan Mount could I also receive your guide?? I too am working onboarding (overhaul) in my organization. 

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    • Michele E. Smith
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    Ryan Mount  Thank you for your generous offer to share you onboarding resource. My email is mesmith@jbgsmith.com

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  • Kimberly Baker Send me your email address and will send along! 

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  • Ryan Mount thank you, Rya. It's kimberly.baker@ithaka.org .

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