Benchmarking Attendance Practices in Manufacturing

I am trying to do some benchmarking on how manufacturing companies are handling attendance policies. 

Are you using no-fault systems or point systems?  If so, at what point do you start the disciplinary process? If you're not using these systems what are you using?   How do you handle partial-day absences?  Do you have a different standard or policy to address new hires?  

I'd appreciate any insights you're willing to share on your approach.

Thanks - Greg

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  • We are manufacturing, our policy allows for 5 "unplanned" absences in a rolling 12-months.  Unplanned is considered anything with less than a 24-hour advance notice, so basically a call-off.  We do not differentiate between approved and unapproved.  So if you're out sick and bring in a doctor's note, that still counts as an unplanned absence.   Anything more than 5 in 12 months starts processive discipline.  Verbal, written, final written, termination - if the unplanned absences continue.  If they have to leave unexpectedly in the middle of a day - this counts as an unplanned absence.  We also allow for 5 late arrivals/tardies in a rolling 12-months, counted separately from absences.

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