ChatGPT and Recruiting

(This came to me anonymously from an HR Director. - Steve)

Are others concerned about candidates using ChatGPT for job applications and resumes? We are seeing more and more folks who have VERY polished resumes and then when we interview them, there's a mismatch.

I'm not anti-AI, but I'm not sure how to keep up with this and understand how to work with this evolving technology.

Thanks for any observations you have.

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  • I wouldn't be too concerned about the mismatch.  Someone could have used AI or could have paid a resume writer or even has a friend who's in HR and offers their services whenever a friend is going through a job transition and gotten a nice resume.  HOWEVER, I always always always have an HR screening call (usually Zoom) to get a clear idea of the candidate before I set up a real interview with the hiring manager.  I don't want them to waste their time, and I don't want to suggest any candidates that might not be able to live up to their own hype.


    ChatGPT does make up stuff--like literally fabricate things--so if I had a suspicion about that I would ask more specific facts about previous jobs to make sure it was accurate and correct.

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