Part Time Employee Vacation Accrual

We have a handful of PT employees now, more than ever before. We have never granted vacation to PT employees, but now that we have more of them we are looking at doing so! We are interested in hearing more about what other companies are doing in terms of PT employees and vacation. Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi, Erin. Previous employers have offered PTO accruals for part time employees at by using percentage of the normally scheduled work week and normal PTO schedule. For example, I worked 3 days per week, so I received 3/5 of the normal PTO accruals. You may want to set a minimum number of days or hours worked to be eligible for PTO - accruing 1/5 of  PTO for working one day seems unnecessary.

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  • Hi Erin. We currently do this at our Firm and we have not had any issues, in fact I would say it is a benefit. I have many employees who are on the verge of retirement, and are looking to reduce their hours before they actually retire, and they love the fact that by going part time they are still eligible for PTO. Our Part-time employees accrue PTO at 80%.  Our Part-Time employees must work 30 hours a week in order to eligible for PTO. I hope this helps!

  • Jackie Tully Thank you so much! Do they have to consistently work 30 hours/week? We have some part timers that are in school and although they work a full schedule in the summer, they don't work as many hours during the school year.

  • Bonita Martin Thank you!!

  • Hi Erin, for our company yes because not only are they eligible for PTO at 30 hours a week, but they are eligible for medical benefits too. :)

  • Hi Erin - We offer PTO to our part-time employees but it is a percentage based on their hours worked. For example, a part-time employee who has been with us for 2 years or less earns .065 hours for every hour they work. That way if the employee works more hours, they earn more PTO and we don't have to babysit their accruals. I hope that helps!

  • Hi, Erin.  At my last employer we had PTO for part-time employees.  Eligible employees working between <20 hours per week were awarded 1.54 hour of PTO accrual per bi-weekly payroll processing (40 hours per year); 20-29 hours per week earned 1.85 PTO hours per pay .  We had a different accrual schedule for 30+  which was more generous, of course.  I worked for a financial institution and hired many part-time tellers.  I was a nice differentiator to attract and retain part-timers.

  • We offer PTO to part-time staff it is very well received it is accrued based on FTE.

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