How are you currently using AI in HR and in your organization ??

I was on my SHRM Executive Cohort call today and a question came up that I thought would be good for the HR Net.

So much of the talk around AI is based on potential or predicted future applications. The other topic getting the most attention is fear-based and restrictive.

The question that came up was -

How are you already using AI in your HR roles/functions and/or in your organization?

Would love to hear what people are already diving into.

Thanks - Steve

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  • So I was initially really hesitant to get into AI, particularly generative AI. It seemed impersonal and I didn't really have an idea of its capabilities. 

    I work for a law firm and our attorneys are always doing CLE to maintain their licensing, plus we as a firm like to invest in their growth. Our founding shareholder attended a seminar on using generative AI in law practice and was blown away by the possibilities, so we had our annual meeting centered on using generative AI. 

    Even though the particular uses don't apply specifically to me, it really stood out to me when he told our attorneys that "anyone who does not use [generative AI] is going to fall behind and eventually become unemployable." He isn't wrong, and that applies to me, too.

    So I started looking into ways I could use it. Claude is my full-blown assistant now. It helps me organize data in seconds instead of hours, distill policies into quick reference guides, write professional emails pulling information from multiple documents, and so much more. Just today, I created a personalized job description for a recent promotion by plugging our policies and procedures manual into it and asking it to create a job description based on said document, with XYZ additions because this promotion was cross trained and we want him to utilize those skills when necessary. What would have taken me a minimum of 30 minutes without interruption took about 30 seconds. I gave it a quick once over and sent it off.

    It can take a lot of busy work off your plate if you let it and I do firmly believe anyone who doesn't embrace it will be left behind.

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