PTO use for work-related injuries not covered by WC


Do you require employees to use their PTO or take time unpaid for anything a Worker's Comp policy doesn't cover for lost wages?

Example: WC doesn't cover lost wages for anything less than 7 days and the employee is out for 3 days for a work-related injury.

Do you require they use PTO or take the time unpaid, or do you pay them the 3 days wages?

What if the employee is out for 3 weeks (15 working days) due to a work-related injury? WC pays the employee for 8 days, do you require PTO or unpaid time for the other 7, or do you pay the normal wages?

Thanks for your feedback. Really looking forward to seeing how other companies handle this.

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  • The Companies that I have worked for usually pay for the remainder of the scheduled but unworked hours on the work day that the injury occurred and nothing more.  Follow up appointments are scheduled after work hours or unpaid/PTO if scheduled during work hours.

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    • Bonita Martin What if the employee is out for multiple consecutive days following the injury due to the injury? 

  • All other time missed due to work related injury was reported to Worker's Comp.  There was too much inconsistency in when to pay or not when this policy wasn't followed, which increases risk.

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