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In an attempt to attract and retain great employees, we are reviewing our PTO/Vacation policies for both part-time and full-time employees.  We are especially focused on our PT employees because as of now, they don't qualify for any PTO until after 2 years of working with us.

This is a mid-size company (restaurant industry) around 1,000 employees and the majority of them are PT workers.  If anybody would be willing to share their PTO/Vacation policies for both PT and FT workers I would greatly appreciate it!  

Thanks in advance!


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  • A company I recently started with has a policy of starting PTO based on experience, not necessarily years with the company, and they usually pay part-timers half of what full-timers make.  Since I have quite a number years of HR experience, I started at a higher PTO rate than someone who had none, for example.


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  • I'm sharing the PT portion of the policy. If you'd like to see the entire policy, please email:


    The PTO accrual is based upon an individual’s standard pay period hours.

    Part-time Employees

    The PTO accrual for a part-time employee will be earned based on the employee’s actual hours worked each pay period up to a maximum of 75 hours.  For example, an employee with 1 year of service, who works 40 hours in each bi-weekly pay period during the year, would earn 88 hours of PTO for the year (40 hours per pay period/75 hours per pay period x 165 hours of PTO = 88 hours).

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  • Hi Rebecca. I work for a defense contractor and our part time employees who work greater than 29 hours accrue PTO hours from their first week of employment. Employees whose work schedules are less than 30 hours are not eligible for PTO. I have worked at other Companies who have received PTO benefits using the same calculations that Angela shared.

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