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For those that use PTO banks, how did you set your accrual maximum?  Do you have a "use or lose" annual policy with it or do you allow employees to accrue to a maximum # of hours?

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  • Our hours accrue and dump into their bank every pay period, it is not use it or lose it at the end of the calendar year their balances just roll forward, but we do have a cap, that cap is their annual accrual + 80 hours.  If they are bumping up against that max it is their responsibility to get their bank down by taking time off or taking a pay out. 

  • The last company I worked for had it set up to have an accrual by pay period and it rolled over from year to year if unused. The maximum accrual rate was three times their current accrual level, so as a new employee accruing 3 weeks of paid time off they would cap at 9 if they didn't take any time off. Where I am now they add in the hours to our bank quarterly or something & once we reach our accrual level we stop accruing until the bank drops back down. Its worth noting that my previous employer was about 1500 employees and the one I'm at now is more like 300. 

  • We earned PTO monthly and cap our balances at 300 hours for those who earn PTO at the highest accrual rate.  We have locations in California and time off there needs to remain in the form it is earned and there isn't a "use it or lose it" option.  We do offer a 1x/year cash out of 40 hours for those wanting the extra cash.  It's been as popular with our office staff as it is with the warehouse employees.

  • We have a 'use-it or lose-it plan. Our associates receive PTO based on their years of service ranging from 0-4 years = 18 days, 5-9 years = 21 days, 10-19 = 26 days, and 20+ years = 30 days.

  • I don't know how ours was originally set but our max accrual is 1040 hours. It used to be 2080 hours!! There is no use it or lose it rule for ours. I think that kind of goes against what PTO is about but maybe others have it. There is no rollover as they just keep accruing to the maximum amount. Employees can cash out PTO anytime they want, it just has to be in 8 hour increments. We also encourage them to have at least 40 left in their bank in case an  STD waiting period would arise. Employees can also donate PTO to other employees if they want to.

  • I have used the the accrue to maximum # of hours it was equal to the max one could earn in the company - 240hours.

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