On Offering Part-Time/Unusual Schedule Employment...

I work for a consolidation center (think auto parts, manufacturing, warehousing, etc...) with around 2,000 associates. At this time we only offer full-time employment in both our direct hire and contingent-to-hire programs . 

I'm looking for ideas on how other organizations have made schedules outside the full-time "box" work? Does anyone do part-time, shared shifts, back-up associates, or even a "substitute" line like a school would have? Looking for any creative (or blasé) ideas.

Also, if you do offer something other than full time, do you offer the same benefits or adjust them, and if you adjust them, what are the adjustments based on (hours worked, days worked, etc...)?

Thank you!

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    • Jon Thurmond, SHRM-SCP
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    I worked with an injection molding plant years ago that had Sat/Sun 12 hour and Fri/Sat/Sun 8 hour shift schedules.  They didn't offer benefits for those positions, most were temp to hire and many people used it as a second job.  Are there "peak" times during the day or year where coverage is an issue?  Calling in as needed can be tough if the schedule doesn't have a regularity to it.

    Look forward to hearing what works for you!

  • Jon,

    Thank you! That's an interesting idea to offer weekend part-time in manufacturing. Focusing on the ebbs and flows of our business would be an interesting way to frame the conversation. 

    Thank you!

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