DISC Assessments usefulness

I am a Career/Life Coach and am looking for some input on DISC assessments.  I am considering getting certified in DISC as a way to engage and build awareness in my clients.  Do any of you have feedback on the effectiveness of DISC?  Any alternatives you prefer?

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  • Myers Briggs is another option that I've used in the past.

  • Hi Dean.  I've been a DiSC partner for 20 years.  I use it with a lot of my clients.  What I like about it is how easy it is for everyone to understand.  It's about observable behavior.  The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders is a great coaching tool. So is the 363.

    I'd be happy to talk with you about how I use the DiSC products with my clients. My email is js@confidencebuilders.com.

  • Dean, we also use the DISC assessment and we post the bar graph of each individual outside their office door with a short version of the adaptive characteristics. The discussions among the staff about the high Ds or the high Cs is great, led of course by the high Is & Ss! The most interesting part, for us, is the insight on how each of the four categories should approach and discuss issues with the other categories--very accurate. It does give you some insight to office dynamics.

    • Dean Waggenspack
    • Career/Life Coach working with individuals who want a career, not just a job
    • Dean_Waggenspack
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Thanks for your insight Charles.  I bet that causes some interesting discussions that normally would not happen.  And that is valuable!

  • Dean, that is the interesting note. More employees read the DISC placards and have learned how to address specific employees. You would think there might be some employees that would not want their DISC assessment up on the wall (probably larger companies), however, the culture we have here fosters embracing teamwork and by knowing more about your team mates you become stronger not weaker.

  • We use DISC assessments (along with several others) in our leadership development programs at the start of each new cohort to help build camaraderie among the members and to help get them mentally to a place where they realize they will need to change behaviors to be successful in the new position. The advantages of DISC are:

    1. It is easy to understand. 

    2. It is less threatening than a MeyersBriggs as it measures how an individual tends to react, rather than who an individual is.

    3. There are a lot of good, inexpensive tools for doing the assemments

    4. You can easily refer to the outcomes of the DISC assessment in coaching with employees or when debriefing activities from other development exercises.  

    Our experience has been that it resonates with the individuals and frequently those already in Management positions will request to have the exercise done with their teams.  

    For executive level development programs we use Social Styles rather than DISC.

    • Clark Jenkins
    • Senior Account Executive
    • Clark_Jenkins
    • 7 yrs ago
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    Hi Dean,

    We are big fans of the assessment Kolbe when it comes to career coaching. It gives a clear understanding of what the client is hard wired to do and where their success can come as a result. Here is a link for more info: http://kolbe.com/assessments/ Just something else to consider. Best of luck.

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