Data regarding Social Media and Talent Attraction

(This came to me through Twitter and Phil Marsland in York, England - Steve)

Does anyone have good source material/research on the benefits of using social media methods for talent attraction? I'm trying to find some great research and data to share with someone who is trying to show the affects.

Thanks - Phil

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  • Good afternoon,

    I’ve narrowed down the research (from a variety of sources 2019-2020) to these select few points that really make the case of social media recruiting. We've also included our feedback on a few of these points.

    • 79% of job applicants use social media in their job search. (Glassdoor)

    • Job seekers rank social media and professional networks as the most useful job search resource compared to job boards, job ads, and recruiting events. (CareerArc)

    • Recruiting via social media is growing with 84% of organizations using it currently and 9% planning to use it. (SHRM)

    • At least 58% of U.S. consumers use social media to follow brands. (MarketingSherpa) This gives a company to reach both an active and passive job seeker/career changer. 80% of employers/recruiters found a hire from a "passive candidate search" campaign.

    • Both Millennials & Gen Z groups are changing social recruitment practices: 73 percent of millennials (18-34 age group) found their last position through a social media platform. (CareerProfiles)

    • 70% of hiring managers say they’ve successfully hired  candidates from social media marketing. (Betterteam)

    • Employers believe that social media marketing will be the most in-demand HR skill by 2020, followed by Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling. It is extremely unfair for employers to expect the HR Department or HR Team to have the social media marketing expertise for recruitment.  HR needs to have a solid understanding of the type of candidate(s) they're looking for (candidate profile). Once this is determined, the HR team SHOULD does one of two things:

    1. Review their recruitment goals and candidate profile information with the marketing team, develop a cost per interview or cost per hire budget for the position(s)


    2. Hand the hiring project off to the "social media marketing for recruitment specialist" who is part of the HR Team to develop budget, goals, timeline, cost per interview/candidate delivered or cost per hire budget for the position(s).


    Hope this helps,

    Meshell Giblin

    Business DNA Group

    • Jeffrey Shaprio
    • Senior Director of Talent Acquisition
    • Jeffrey_Shaprio
    • 3 yrs ago
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    I don't remember the hard data, (cant go get it as I was with a different organization) but I do remember that for 2019 , the #4 source of hire was talent yielded from recruiters joining industry specific Facebook groups. 

    Additionally, in collaboration with our marketing and digital teams, I just completed a pilot program for a Facebook paid ad campaign.  It ran for 14 days, targeting  Mammography Technologist. In the world of Radiology, these are diamonds in the rough. Estimated response was 5. We received 11. Total cost was $300 for 14 days. Worth every penny. It's worth mentioning the cost was so low because we own all digital images (didnt have to pay for rights) and I was able to tap into our corporate spend. Meaning budget to reach/attract patients. Happy to chat more if need be. 

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    While many focus on certain employee recognition programs to be the most effective ways to boost the same, here is a list of some ideas that are comparatively easier, conventional, and the effectiveness of which has been proved empirically

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    Principles of employee recognition programs should be applied in every organization to encourage others and to make the workplace better. Recognition of employees is a timely activity. It can be done in any form i.e., formal or informal acknowledgement. You can praise an employee for their efforts, team behaviours, values, goals, support etc.

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