Looking for a 3rd Party HR Resource

(This came to me from a Small Business Owner anonymously - Steve)

Hi there!

My business is growing, but we're not at a point where we can bring on a dedicated person who is an HR professional. We have the same HR needs that bigger companies have and I'm looking for recommendations for resources, services, and consultancies that can do this well.

We need a mix of administrative HR support, project work as we grow and help with employee relations issues. Steve let me know I could ask the HR Net who they would recommend.

We're in the Midwest, but open to anyone who can provide these types of services. We are open to virtual support and/or in-person support.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please post to the site with your contact information and we'll make sure to get back to people.


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  • Thanks for posting, Steve Browne !! I think it would be worth your time to meet with Eos HR Consulting! We are fully-remote team of 6 seasoned HR professionals supporting clients based in any U.S. state. I have been working for them for the past 2 1/2 years, and your business sounds like the perfect client for us. I am actually moving on to a new opportunity in a few weeks, but perhaps I can do an email intro between you and our sales coordinator. Thanks!! - Suzanne Crest, suzanne@eoshr.com

    P.S. - here is our website: https://eoshr.com/

  • A great option is PeopleFirst

  • Hello - I have 20+ of HR experience in the corporate sector (stepped away early this year to be my own boss) and can offer support. I'm in the Cincinnati area so I can support virtually or in-person, depending on the needs. https://www.linkedin.com/in/joannacoccokemper has all of my information and experience listed.

    Happy to connect and discuss: calendly.com/jckemper

  • We'd love to help! We focus on exactly this, we provide HR services to small businesses who need HR expertise on a part-time basis. Depending on the location, we can provide virtual and/or on-site support. Happy to discuss our services and if we can be a fit. Visit our website: https://mybusinessresource.com/ or e-mail me directly at rkutay@mybusinessresource.com.

    • Alysa Southall
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    My company, A People Partner, offers HR project-based consultancy. We can assist with your tasks and projects that are pulling you away from competing, but equally important, priorities. We will take on your project-based work so that you can focus on culture, strategy and people. Sure, we can offer you a traditional consultancy as well! We provide direct 1-on-1 support. You will know who is working on your projects and the timeline for their completion.

    We also support organizations in their hiring efforts, not limited to hiring talent, but also coaching and training hiring managers.

    So while at the moment you may not be able to take on an HR person full-time, we can help you complete any of your HR projects and then when the time comes, support you in finding the best fit for the role and your organization.

    Contact me directly or feel free to visit our website. 



    Thank you,

    Alysa Southall

  • Congratulations on your growth! As a business owner for over 25 years, I know growth comes with excitement but also more work. I learned early on to focus on my strengths and outsource the areas that are not. We are Strategic HR Business Advisors a Division of Clark Schaefer Hackett (formerly strategic HR inc). We work with organizations with now HR department or a lean HR department to provide HR, Training and recruiting solutions to help you attract and retain talent.

    With small organizations like you are describing, we could help evaluate where you are and what you need and then provide you with the support you need to set up your HR function and manage it. Depending on the size of your organization and HR needs, once we have set up, your ongoing needs may not be much except at peak times (i.e. projects, open enrollment, hiring, onboarding).  

    Feel free to check us out online at https://strategicHRinc.com or contact me at Robin@strategicHRinc.com. I'm always happy to help a fellow business owner.

  • Hello! I would be happy to talk with you about options for HR services. We have been in business for 30 years doing exactly what you are looking for. We provide custom, personalized service for your unique needs. We have hundreds of clients who would be happy to also provide a reference/recommendation. If you want a group that caters specifically to companies of your size, let's talk. Darlene Mack CEO & Managing Partner, HR Partners Int'l Inc www.HRPIInc.com darlene@HRPIInc.com

  • We’ve partnered with HR Partners for many years. For small businesses that need custom HR services, we highly recommend them. Many of our clients utilize them, and they consistently exceed their expectations.

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