We're Getting the Band Back Together !! - The HR Roundtable Returns on 7/6/21 !!

The last HR Roundtable “announcement” I sent out was for March 2020. I don’t know about you, but I think the break has gone long enough.

I met with the good folks at Great Oaks today and we have been okay’d to come back to having the HR Roundtable in person. How cool is that ??

The topic for the July HR Roundtable is – “Anything but COVID !! – How to reset and move forward instead of yearning for the past !!”

We will reconvene on Tuesday, 7/6/21 from 8:30am to 9:30am at Scarlet Oaks (directions are below).

A few key things to note !!!!!!! (please read this part because it’s been a long time since we gathered together)

  • RSVP (Please) !! – I send out an announcement each month and ask you to RSVP to let me know if you’re able to attend or not. Let me know either way. No responding doesn’t help. I like to have an idea of how many folks can make it and who can’t. You can RSVP by emailing me at - sbrowne2laros
  • NEW MEETING TIME !! – We’re going to meet now from 8:30am to 9:30am – ½ hour later than we used to. This is so the students for Scarlet Oaks are in class and we’re not interfering with them. Please arrive closer to 8:30am instead of being really early. Trust me. It will work.
  • NEW MEETING SPACE !! – We’re going to meet in the Community Room which is adjacent to the Commissary/Cafeteria where we used to meet. I’ll be outside to greet you, so look for me. Use the same parking lot listed below in the directions.
  • NEW RESUMES !! – You need to bring 5 copies of your resume if you’d like it to be displayed on our Resume Table. I’m not bringing any copies from 15 months ago. Other things for this (Steve’s pet peeves):
  • STAPLE your resume if it’s two pages or more. Don’t use loose resume copies or paper clips.
  • DON’T make a copy that’s front/back. I know it saves paper, but recruiters will not turn over the resume to read it.
  • DON'T bring more than 5 copies !! This system works.
  • Please understand that I’m going to have categories for your resumes. Leave them in the categories.
  • DON’T pepper all the categories with your resume thinking more people will look at your resume. It looks like you’re desperate and I know you’re truly talented instead.
  • Have faith in the resume system. We’ve had more people connect and land through the HR Roundtable than most groups.
  • REMEMBER – Everyone is there to talk about the topic and not to sell services or find a job. You’re there to share your knowledge, experience, opinion and talent. The rest will take care of itself.
  • NO BUSINESS CARDS !! – You are more than a piece of paper. Let everyone meet you as a human. That’s more important.

It pains me to write the “rules” of the HR Roundtable, but this isn’t your typical forum. We focus more on relationships, connections and fun.

I hope every. Single. One of you can make it. I understand if you can’t, but I hope you try. We’ll keep a monthly schedule the 1st Tuesday of every month.

So geeked to see you again !! - Steve

(This is the part where you RSVP . . .)


Instructions for the HR Roundtable at Scarlet Oaks:

  • The HR Roundtable is open to one and all !!  The meeting has an HR/Business focus each month and we get together to discuss that topic as well as network.  So, if you’re in HR, are a small business owner, are a resource partner who works with HR folks, a professional in transition, etc. – you are welcome to attend the Roundtable !!
  • The “dress” for the Roundtable is business casual. We’re not very formal and you’ll be fine however you dress. It’s more important to have you come and attend the forum !!
  • Please come in and sign in for the Roundtable.  Note that if you go to any other Great Oaks door, you’ll be asked to have a picture ID and you will receive a Visitors badge as part of their security system.
  • Chances are I’ll be outside to greet you and welcome you to the Roundtable so you can find the right door to come and join the forum !!

Directions to the HR Roundtable at Scarlet Oaks:

  • From I-71: Take I-275 West to Mosteller Road (Exit #44)
  • From I-75: Take I-275 East to Mosteller Road (Exit #44)
  • Turn Left (south) onto Mosteller Road.
  • Turn Left at the 1st traffic light onto East Kemper Road.
  • The Entrance to the Great Oaks campus is 0.7 miles on the Left at the 3rd traffic light.
  • Turn left onto Enterprise Drive and go straight past the gateway entrance.
  • Go to the Parking Lot in front of the High School.
  • The entrance for the Community Center Room (Building 300) is to the left of the Main Entrance.  Here is a link for a map of the Scarlet Oaks campus. - http://mapq.st/2i6LBRD
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