Anyone else feel shackled to Indeed??

I realize Indeed is the place to go for job searches, but as an employer, I feel taken advantage of!  No longer is it ok to just sponsor jobs (which I'm happy to do), but you have to pay $X for this service and $X for that service--otherwise your postings fade into the background.  Their latest proposal is $75,000 per year for sponsored jobs, featured jobs and premium pages--that sounds outrageous!  

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  • Yes, same here! I would like to know if others have found alternatives?

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  • I do feel stuck with Indeed as well.  We have tried Glassdoor, job posts with local colleges and universities.  For us, making friends with the unemployment people in our state really helped, because in addition to posting jobs on the state website for unemployed individuals, they've provided us with resources to other groups.  For example, our state has a STEM Boomerang group that focuses specifically on identifying candidates who graduated from a University in the area and have since left the state to find employment.  The group reaches out to those students and specifically tries to get them to come back to the state and they occasionally have low key job fairs for a targeted group of people and they only invite us because the unemployment people told them about us.    

    If you're going to spend that kind of money anyway, LinkedIn has a pretty robust system that they call an ATS but isn't quite 100% functional as a real ATS, but it's a great way to source candidates.  It allows you to proactively find people and stalk them.  I jest -- but it does help.  We hired a few people that way.

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  • Same here! Mainly LinkedIn and Indeed. I'd like to find other boards, especially DEI-related, to use in conjunction with the well-known boards. However, I don't find that we get much traffic when we try niche job boards. Curious if anyone's had luck elsewhere!

  • Totally agree with your comments on Indeed. Ziprecruiter (I use for our technical jobs), went from $399 a month for 3 jobs to $936 a month for 3 jobs! My size company just can't afford this anymore. I like the suggestion on reaching out to the  unemployment office. I've heard some folks had good luck with posting jobs on Facebook on a specific job page. I haven't tried that, anyone tried that approach? 

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  • I recently posted a Field Service Technician ad on our Facebook page - we actually got a few qualified candidates. With my previous company, I used FB for delivery drivers, diesel mechanics, etc. and did not find it to be successful. 

    Here's what keeps me up at night - the request to 'move away' from major job boards and utilize niche boards, in order to meet our DEI goals. The loop I'm stuck on is that a. I feel that most candidates using the niche boards are on LI & Indeed and b. some of the pricing I've seen is a bit steep for what we're getting. I haven't found much so far that is free or inexpensive.

    I guess as long as our leadership is on board with the financial piece, I am okay with it too. Just wondering if others have had a different experience. I would love a new perspective on this. 

    • Greg Dolby
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    What many of you should consider is having a conversation with a recruitment marketing partner who will help you navigate that. We use Recruitics and the sourcing analytics they provide are very helpful in terms of understanding where to best post. I’d be happy to tell you more.

  • With Indeed messing up their pricing model and not giving a care in the world about employers, I'm about to take my Indeed budget and move it over to AppCast to use on Google Ads spend and other sites. It's a 1/3 the price and I think I'll get a bigger bang for my buck once with some of the changes Google has in the works. 

      • Roxi Wolf
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      • 10 mths ago
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      Brent Morrell  Hi there. I just read your post and curious to see if you tried GoogleAds yet? Is it working for you? We also use Indeed a lot and looking for new ideas. 

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