Creating a work from home proposal

Hello All:

I’m inquiring if anyone in the group has created a work from home proposal and presented it to their employer. My company plans to bring employees back to work within the next month or so. I want to create a sound proposal for my manager over the next few weeks. Anyone with any insight or recent experience with this topic?

Overall, the company is not generally supportive of remote work but several employees would like to continue working from home. Personally, I enjoy working from home and while I tend to work more hours, I feel I’m more productive.  Thank you in advance for your comments. 


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    • Dorothy Bieller
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    Hi Brendan,

    I haven't created a work from home proposal but there are a lot of good articles on the internet that provide good reasons why employer's should allow work from as a flexible option for employees.  Employees are going to want this going forward and if employers don't allow it, employees will look for employers that do allow it and will lose some good talent.

  • I am going through the same struggle. Upon observation of my work force, it appears as if the majority of people already had relationships with managers to request ad hoc flexible days to meet project deadlines, etc.... For some reason, it has been hard to convince leadership that expanding it to a policy is more of "slight adjustment" that serves a greater purpose of positioning us competitively with future talent.  I have been hearing some HR folks start to talk about "The Great Migration" something like almost 35% of white collar workers are actively looking for other opportunities as COVID placed a magnifying glass on what they want moving forward. 

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