Difficulty Finding Qualified Candidates

We are a small commercial bank in Southern California and I am the only in-house team member responsible for full-cycle recruiting.

In the last 6 weeks, however, the quality of candidates has been minimal for our branch positions. Is anyone else experiencing this challenge and can anyone share strategies to attract or promote the positions better? We have limited resources and don't have dedicated LinkedIn seats due to our company size. I am only leveraging our internal ATS which posts to hundreds of job boards. We also have an account with Indeed and ZipRecruiter but haven't had much success in finding qualified candidates. Any and all ideas are welcome. Thank you.

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  • Fadme,

    I work for a health and wellness manufacturer in Utah and, like many, are dealing with a labor and talent shortage.  However, I consider myself somewhat qualified to give you advice :). I worked at a local credit union while I was in college. If you can allow the flexibility for someone to work while going to school, I would encourage tapping into that market if you have a campus near you. Don't sit back and rely on applicants to come in via any job board. Get in front of the students and make connections with the campus staff. Matter of fact, I'm speaking in a class tonight!

    Another thing that was successful for us was offering referral bonuses and encouraging current employees to recruit their friends and family.  That would also turn everyone into a recruiter so you didn't have to face the challenge alone. It's a team effort. It may take some training, business cards with QR code link to your careers page, or other outside the box thinking to get the program started. Cheers, and best of luck.

  • I just posted an article you may find interesting titled  Hiring People Without Job Experience.

    It is written for both Employers and Candidates.

    Job experience – As an employer, I’m asking you to consider “trying something new”. You may be surprised to learn that you can actually get a very good idea of how someone would perform in a job even if they don’t have previous job experience in that role.

    Job experience – as a candidate, you want a chance to prove you can do the job. I see many posts recently on Alignable and LinkedIn from people wondering how they can get a job in a new field or a job that requires previous job experience that they may not have.

    Many people are rethinking their career paths as a result of the pandemic. Many people have been let go or laid off because of the pandemic. There are also many college graduates who are looking for jobs. These are just three examples of a pool of job candidates that you might be overlooking.

    Even when you hire someone who does have job experience in your industry, you are still taking a chance on how they will succeed in your particular organization and in your particular environment. While previous job experience is a great predictor of performance, there are many other factors to consider.

    See the full article at Job Experience - Do I Need It? for Employers and Candidates (pdservices.com)  #humanresources #jobs #experience

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