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I'm researching the typical processes of recruitment. Do most employers call the candidate initially? Or do you schedule an interview for the phone screens?

I deal with a heavy volume of resumes for a large number of openings. What would be the most effective process to use in screening candidates? Also, how many candidates on average should a recruiter be able to screen in a single day?

Thanks for any feedback and input you can share.  - Fatima

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  • I deal with a relatively high volume of applications/resumes per day.  What ATS do you use?  We use ExactHire and it makes screening applicants a relatively easy process. I usually screen anywhere from 10 to 40 per day (just depends on how many have applied). 

    Any applicant I want to potentially interview, I  call  (and/or text or email if they don't answer), ask any further screening questions, and then try to schedule a Zoom interview with them at the earliest convenience. 

    Feel free to reach out with any further questions you may have.

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    Calendly is a solid/easy free tool for giving the candidate the ability to schedule themselves based on the parameters you set. Define screen in a day? Are you referring to reviewing new applications/CVs or conducting phone screens? 

    I'll try to answer both. Typically I think 6,7 phone screens per day represents the average recruiter and avoids burnout. At roughly 30 minutes per screen, that alone represents 3-3.5 hours of their day. I think a strong recruiter can review 100 job applications per days. Using an average of 20 seconds per review, that should take about 30 minutes of time. Those 2 functions would equal 50% of their day, roughly 4 hours.

    Leaving time to source, connect with hiring managers, extend offers, etc. 

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