Electronic Paperwork/Onboarding System?

We are looking for a way to get away from the old style paper and pen completion of new hire paperwork.  Does anyone have a reliable and easy platform they would recommend that allows new hires to complete the required forms electronically? Thank you.

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    • Jessica Stephenson
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    • Jessica_Stephenson
    • 8 yrs ago
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    Hi Diana,

    Thanks for your question. In the interest of full disclosure, my employer ExactHire does offer employee onboarding software that does the very thing you ask. In addition to making traditional paperwork paperless, our software also includes workflow automation features like reminders that prevent employees from forgetting to review/sign items, and managers from forgetting to order equipment, countersign forms, etc.

    If it makes sense to chat, please let me know and I'll be happy to tee up an introduction between you and someone on our sales team. I'm not sure which organization you represent, but please note that our focus is on small- to medium-sized businesses, specifically.

    Have a nice week!


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  • Hi Diana,

    Our company just did that transition to electronic onboarding this past year.  We used the features that came with our HRIS, Paycor.  Paycor offers a lot of features and the transition for us was smooth and we're glad we've gone electronic!


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  • Diana,

    My HR team came to this realization last year. Paper onboarding is a thing of the past. We use Paycor for all Payroll and Benefits purposes, but based on cost, we weren't ready to move to their new hire platform.

    So, we went with a paperless HR system, Dynafile, and upgraded the Dynafile software to incorporate Docusign. In Docusign, you can create fillable PDFs from all of your current new hire paperwork. These PDFs are filled out by our new hires electronically, and signed electronically. Docusign signatures are legally binding by integrating a software that tracks, time stamps, and logs computer location upon signature. When the forms are completed by the new hire, they come back to our paperless HR system in Dynafile, and are automatically sorted into the new hire's personal, electronic file.

    This service is very affordable, and I highly recommend it!


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  • How big are your companies?  We just hit 50 full-time employees, and have heard that it makes sense to stay with paper until we get a certain size.  What are your thoughts?

  • We use "Workday" for this feature.  I am very happy with it.

  • I see that this post is 2 years old. We are making this transition now from paper to online.  Does anyone have tips to share?  Thanks!

    • Ryan Mount
    • Employee Benefits Specialist
    • Ryan_Mount
    • 5 yrs ago
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    We are and have been moving a lot of our partners over to the online platform.  It depends on the type of business, but most are on board. 

    For those who have work forces who are less computer savvy, we set up a station for new hires and have them complete everything on day one. 

    Other than that, it has been pretty smooth across the several platforms we offer.

    Also, might be wise to schedule some time for an audit in 30-60 days to make sure you caught all the intricacies of your system.  

  • Tricia Toft Tricia,  we have about 450 employees in four states.  We switched to online onboarding, through Paycor in October 2015.  We use their payroll services and HRIS platform as well.  We have nothing but good things to say about our experience.  Good luck! 

  • Hi Dana!


    We currently use paychex and we are able to keep all of our electronic onboarding paperwork for employees. 

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