ISO: Business etiquette training ideas

Our studio leads are noticing issues as we transition to being more in the workplace specifically around: 

  • When to use Gchat vs in-person vs phone vs Zoom vs collaboration software

  • Timeliness of responses to each of those platforms (within 2 hours for a chat?  Within 24 hours for email?  Within 48 hours for Miro?  Not sure - discuss) 

  • Managing calendar/in and out of office expectations (ie, communicating availability)

  • Working outside of regular hours to achieve deadlines

  • Responding to calendar invites (IE: you need to react in one way or another, do not leave hanging!)

  • On Zoom: camera on vs camera off?

I feel like a lot of this can be solved by "see something, say something" but I've been asked to put together a training and I want this to be fun/engaging and not icky/boring.

Does anyone have any thoughts or resources to share?

Thanks - Amy

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  • Hi Amy, we've been seeing this a lot with our clients! I know internally we've brought it up in staff meetings and established expectations as a team -- i.e. when to use a chat (i.e. need a response within the hour or less) or how many emails do you have to send back and forth before you pick up the phone or schedule a meeting (our rule is three, I think). 


    I know that we've also done this training for clients before! If that might help you (rather than you having to do it yourself), I'd be happy to chat. :)

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