Experience with treadmill desks

Hi everyone,

My company is remodeling its office and incorporating some workstations that won't be anyone's permanent desk. We are getting a number of adjustable standing/sitting desks, but there's also interest in 1-2 treadmill desks for people to use a portion of each day.

Does anyone have any experience with treadmill desks in their office? Positive/negative? Are people actually utilizing them in a productive way?

Recommendations on brand/desk model?

Thanks in advance!

Jessica Stephenson


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  • I am new to this forum and came across this post. I see that it is 8 months old but I was wondering if your company invested in the treadmill desks? My former employer was studying the use of them. We received great anecdotal feedback but in some locations they were not used consistently. I would love to hear how the new workstations have worked out in your new space.


  • Erin Fritts Hi Erin, Thanks for reaching out. We actually never moved forward with a treadmill desk...it probably wouldn't have been a good investment for us since most of our workforce (only 11 people) only is in the office 2 days per week (and the rest at home). We do love our standing/sitting desks, however. Sorry I can't be any help on this one!

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