Seeking Advice on an Employee Issue

Looking for some advice on how to handle a situation. I'm truly stumped. 

An employee came to me a few months or so ago saying someone was covering pictures she had in her office. I asked what the pics were of and they were her son (granted you couldn't see his face) with a backwards facing hat that said "make america great again", and an I voted sticker on the bill. Everyone is entitled to their own political views.

She suspected she knew who was covering the pics, Employee B and/or Employee C (employee B is the supervisor for Employee C). I brought this up during an investigation I was doing on another matter (all involving the same people of course) and both employee B and C, during the investigation, denied doing anything to the photos.

I did have to let Employee C go for cause due to an incident with the employee who had the MAGA hat picture. Employee B was not very happy about my decision as it cut her staff.

Employee B came to me today stating that she has been waiting months for someone to do something about the picture that she finds "offensive." She said she brought it to our COOs attention and to my attention about a month ago.

I feel like this is a grudge/retaliation thing. Or am I not taking this seriously enough?I have seen the photo, while I may not agree with the political view, I see nothing obscene or offensive about the picture. Employee B wants me to do something or she said she would continue to cover it up. (now it all comes to light..she's admitting she covered it in the first place even though she denied it when originally asked. 

I just don't know where to go from here. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Donna

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  • I would terminate Employee B for lying about the incident.  Employee A 's picture of her son- what is offensive about Employee A's son's picture.  With not knowing the details seems like there is a discriminatory reason behind the "cover" up of the picture.  If you don't find the picture offense, Employee B should be terminated.  IF the Picture is offensive or could be, then have Employee A remove the picture and do a formal disciplinary action for Employee B for lying.

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    I tend to agree with disciplinary action for employee B. They lied during the course of an investigation, which is a factor in considering grounds for termination. At minimum, as a leader they should not behave in this manner and should be placed on disciplinary action in accordance with your company policies.

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  • I would consider terminating employee be for lying during the investigation as well. So she doesn't like the picture with the message. Employee B did not go to her co-worker and discuss her dislike of the picture but chose to act childish and cover it up. I'm inclined to think there are other issues for Employee B to "stir the pot over" in the future.  

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