Employee Engagement Surveys

This question is 2 part: 

1). Do you have Employee Engagement Survey companies that you would recommend? It will need to be web or mobile based because this will be conducted in several locations. 

2). Have you ever created your own Engagement Survey and if so would you be willing to share more about how you liked it and what platform you used? 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

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  • Kat - Yes I do and yes I have. Give me a call and we can discuss. We do full survey and culture work but I also have a strong recommendation if you are just looking for a survey. I have also created many surveys on my own, so I could be helpful on that front as well. Preston Bowles, Evergreen Growth Partners - 513-255-7349 - prestonb@evergreengrowth.com

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  • Kat - I'd be happy to talk to you about both options. I just lead a session for the Clermont Ohio Means jobs on Retention and we talked at length about Employee Engagement Surveys both handling internal or using an outside provider. We've coached our clients through doing a survey themselves as well as done the survey for them. Feel free to email me ( Robin@strategicHRinc.com ) some times that are good for you to talk and I'm happy to share anything I know that might help you with this need.

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  • Hi Kat,

    Our organization has created surveys ourselves, but recently partnered with Gallup (the leader in Engagement) to conduct our workforce engagement surveys. This path allows us to truly monitor engagement because we can see how our organization compares to other organizations. There is a subtle difference between "engaged" and "satisfied" and Gallup really helps clarify this. Also, how do you know how "good" your score is unless you can compare it across industries/peers/etc?


    We are really happy with our first survey through Gallup - it's a great, simple and easy-to-use platform. Highly recommend!



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    • Kate Legters
    • Organizational Psychologist. HR/OD Leader.
    • Kate_Legters
    • 5 yrs ago
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    Hi Kat - afternoon! 

    Would love to recommend the firm I work with. We specialize in Talent Analytics, survey design, measuring engagement, experiences, and the entire life cycle and have a fantastic, employee friendly platform to boot. I'm an Industrial Psychologist with previous HR experience and work as a consultant with this team, so I fully understand the many options that are available out there! 

    To answer your second question, as an HR practitioner, I also designed my own surveys and distributed them for use. If this is a viable route you may end up going I recommend Qualtrix  for this purpose! 

    Feel free to connect, or reach out to me at kate@talmetrix.com . Take care!

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  • We've used Gallup Q12 for several years. It's easy to administer and the reporting is simple. Teams use their results to talk about what's going well and identify area(s) for improvement over the next year. Highly recommend!

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  • Hi  Kat Hoyer

    I know it has been awhile since you have asked but I cannot say enough positive things about CultureAmp.  Their surveys were designed by Psychologists and Data Scientists and the information is incredibly easy to follow and navigate in order to assess your organization, especially across multiple locations.  Now that I am at a new organization, I miss working with their platform and hope to again someday soon.  https://www.cultureamp.com/

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  • Kat- Emplify out of Indianapolis IN. They are awesome. Ryan Sever 269 599 6851 

    • Christine
    • Christine
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Ryan Perket We have used that survey once and set it up ourselves. Were you able to compare it across industries by paying for it through Gallup? Thanks!

  • Christine when you pay you do get comparisons. I don't recall it being industry specific, but they did break it down so you could compare your scores to other businesses and even to other businesses taking the survey the first time. There can be a lot of data so there may be more to this than I recall, but it sounds like you get much more when you pay for it directly. 

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