Tips to limit candidate ghosting?

I'm recruiting for entry-level manufacturing roles in Hebron, KY.  We are offering starting pay between $16.50 and $20/hr depending on the role. 

I'm finding that only 30% of the people I invite to interview on-site attend the interview.  These people have applied to our job posting and engaged with me in a phone screen conversation (usually one that was not pre-scheduled).  At the end of the phone screen, if the conversation goes well, I schedule them for an on-site interview in the next few business days (As soon as they are available).  The confirmation email includes a link to a video about the company.  The morning of the interview, I text them a reminder but the majority still don't show up.

Anyone else having this challenge?  Any recommendations to change my approach?

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  • I would confirm best way to communicate, send interview details with their preferred method and send reminder the day before.

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    • Jodi  Thanks for sharing your tip!

  • Grace - Double check any reviews on your company on indeed, glassdoor, etc. We've found in some cases, the ghosting occurs when the candidate starts checking out reviews for a company. If they aren't favorable, they just elect to not go and don't call to let you know. 

    If there are any negative reviews, be sure someone is responding appropriately to them (i.e. old review, management has changed or we fixed that policy or...) It's better to respond than not. 

    Hopefully that isn't the issue but it's worth checking.

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    • Robin That's a good point.  I haven't checked that recently.  We very well might have some old ones out there.  Thank you!

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  • Yes,  we've had them not show up for an interview and I have had folks take the time to fill out our application but will not respond to any requests to schedule an interview.  My favorite is when they have accepted a job offer then don't show up on their first day.  I have never seen anything like it in the 25+ years I've been in HR.  :(  

  • We send the reminder the day before the interview.  That way, if someone has found another job and/or is no longer interested, they will usually let us know.  

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