HR Department - What's the newest name for this? Trends? Best Practices?

I am doing some research in this area, wanting to find out what HR Departments are calling themselves these days.   Most interested in the small/mid-sized organizations, but would like to hear all ideas.  "Talent & Development" seems popular, but then do you call teammates "T&D Reps" or their own title?  Would really appreciate thoughts on the matter. What's trending? What's not? What should we avoid? 

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  • A previous employer called it "The People Department"

  • Thanks Penny. What were your teammates called?

  • What do you all think of People Operations? Need some ideas here...  :)

  • Melanie Booher  We had traditional titles; Recruiter, Payroll Specialist, and my role was HR Generalist at the time.  I always prefer to take roles where I don't specialize in only one area of HR

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  • We are now the Employee Experience Department.

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  • Lisa Van Sant   Can you tell me more? how did this change come about? what are your employees called?

  • Melanie Booher Our company is doing a lot of work to get closer to our customers.  Our marketing department changed its name to the Customer Experience Department and we felt like a change of our name would show that we are also trying to better understand what our employees want from us.  My title is now Director of Employee Experience.  We didn't change the titles of the other employees (2).  They are HR Generalist and Payroll and Benefits Administrator.

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