First 90 days for new HR Manager

Hello All!

I'm looking for some insights to hit the ground running, establish credibility, learn the organization, and wow my new organization. I'm just wondering if there is an outstanding book or resource you would recommend to me. 6 Days and counting! Thank you in advance.  

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  • Hi Gus, do you have prior experience in HR? How much experience do you have and can you tell me more about your background? 

  • Kathy Hi Kathy, I've been on the talent acquisition and leader side of the role for the last twenty years. 10 of those years working within a chemical manufacturing plant and 10 running a recruiting agency. This is my first role as an HR Manager. BS degree in Organizational Communication and Leadership and Masters in Organizational Leadership.   I am a big proponent of HR being the business partner within the organization. My focus is on employee experience and development through collaboration and mentor-ship. 

  • Gus DeLucia Hi Gus, It sounds like you have a lot of knowledge and a good solid background. I would suggest the big book of HR as a brush up on the foundational knowledge you already have. Practical things you can start doing right away: 1) Meet all the key people and manager you're working with. Set up 1-1s and ask them what they feel HR needs to bring to the table and jot it down. It will help you get to know them. Ask them what you can do to support them! Maybe you won't get to it right away but you can keep it in mind 2) Learn all the employee's names and if they don't have a directory, build one. This will add value to the Company + help you remember the names. An on-line directory with pictures, names and title is wonderful for new hires. 3) Do quick browses through the I-9s, employee files, OSHA files this will give you a lot of information about the company 4) Talk to leadership and see where their goals are/what they want from HR. Are they looking for someone who can fill in a safety deficit or training? Or are they looking to hire and hire fast? Whatever their business goal to accomplish, align your first projects with their ideas. 

    Hope that all gives you a great foundation! Good luck! 

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  • Kathy Thank you Kathy! This is a great list  and happily  many of items I have been contemplating. I'm preparing to ask a lot of questions and listen intently to the answers but not give up with the initial answer if there seems like there might be more to it. Then create a road map that coincides along with the business plan they have for 2018. 

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  • The 1st 90 Days by Michael D. Watkins is a good one

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