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I'm currently looking into an assessment tool to adopt for our company.  Ideally it could be used for candidate assessment as well as individual, team and leadership development. I'd love for it to measure emotional intelligence factors and offer a 360 degree feedback option.

Our company would consider using it primarily for our professional-level staff but might like to use it with our manufacturing staff in the future.

I'd love any suggestions.  Please share a couple reasons why you love the one you use!

Thank you!


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  • Grace- this article might be helpful as you consider your options.

    I'd be happy to offer my two cents on which tools/vendors might be a good fit for the multiple applications you're looking for. Feel free to check out or email me at Thanks!!

  • Grace - We've used a number of tools for both selection and development.  We've settled on the Devine Inventory and used it so much that Devine asked us to be a reseller.  We like it for recruitment because: it is 100% behavior based (not personality), results vary by job title, and questions to probe deeper on are provided.  Any candidate hired (or if you do it for an employee) would have a development report and coach report generated.  The same metrics are reported on these but the develop report actually provides ideas to help the individual begin developing in key areas (i.e. One the job activities, books) and the coach provides strategies to effectively manage the employee.  

    A shorter version of the Devine is available for hourly positions that focuses in on a few key behaviors like safety, retention, customer service, productivity.  And, it too provides similar outputs - metrics and recommended further interview questions.

    I'd be happy to talk to you further about these and other options you are considering. If you decide you want to consider the Devine, I can share sample reports and/or set you up to take it yourself at no cost. Just drop me a note (

  • Thank you, Whitney, for the article.   It has helped me think through what our company is really looking for in regards to an assessment.  Once our team identifies our goal, I may reach out to get more of your thoughts.

    Robin, thanks for your recommendation!  I believe I'll look into it.  I noticed that they're based out of Cincinnati...

  • Yes - Devine is headquartered here in Cincinnati. Lucky us! I'm happy to send you sample reports and/or set you up to take it yourself. Just email ( or call (513-697-9855) me. Have a great weekend.

  • Grace: I would highly recommend Human Synergistics International and their Lifestyles Inventory.  They have a wide variety of assessments for all levels.  

  • Hi Grace - I second Robin's recommendation; Devine Group is top notch for all levels in an organization.  

  • Hey Grace, 


    We have a resource over on Workology that could help with Talent Acquisition Technologies. You can access it here


    I hope this helps! 


    Jessica Miller-Merrell

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