“Tolerance and Diversity For White Guys … And Other Human Beings.”

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Yes, the killing of my brothers, sisters and cousins, such as George Floyd and several others, has certainly brought the issue of tolerance into focus for everyone.

CLEARLY … the Tolerance and Diversity Programs in this country have not had the impact we had hoped. So, I have posted the start of a series of videos from my program:

“Tolerance and Diversity For White Guys … And Other Human Beings.”

As you guessed, this program is for anyone who is “HUMAN.” It is NOT designed to “blame” any one group of people. Instead, it is designed to look at what we ALL DO BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN.

Implicit Bias is not just a police thing, or a white guy thing, or a Christian thing, or a Muslin thing. It is a HUMAN thing that we all need to learn about and improve.


The first few FREE videos I have posted are the following:

Why Tolerance and Diversity Training Fails

CBS News Report On Why Implicit Bias Training Fails

Defining Your Terms #1 — Diversity

Defining Your Terms #2 — Intolerance

Defining Your Terms #3 — Inclusion

Defining Your Terms #4 — Bullying

Defining Your Terms #5 — Bigotry

Just go to my Home page at www.scottwarrick.com and click onto the TOLERANCE FOR WHITE GUYS … AND OTHER HUMAN BEINGS hotlink. Please see the BEAUTIFUL  graphic above.

More to come soon!

Scott Warrick, HR Consulting & Employment Law Services www.scottwarrick.com

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