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Help! We have a manager at my org who is basically a bully. He gets work done but has no business managing people. He's demeaning to employees, females especially, and doesn't exactly say inappropriate things but the way he says them is disrespectful and frankly makes people miserable to be around him. He has even talked this way to me more than once. He had these problems before, was moved into a new role against my judgment, and the same issues are coming up.

I need to do an action plan and let him know this is the final straw; he needs to be shown the door. So I want it to be thorough and specific.

Any resources for wording for something like this? Ideas for training or resources I could make him review as part of the action plan? His previous manager had tried to make him do EQ training but I don't think anything ever came of it. And of course, she didn't document the conversations; I only have some emails and general issues I've saved.

Thank you all! - Laura

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    Hi Laura, we utilize a performance improvement plan to aid our associates in improving their behavior and work performance.  Given that you don't have a lot of documentation, I would recommend a 60 day improvement plan and refer to your policies as a guidelines.  Any management training you can include with this improvement plan would be beneficial.  We recommend meeting with them on a weekly basis to ensure they are meeting expectations and discuss any obstacles within the past week.  Ask them what they feel they need to be able to perform their job in a more friendly environment.  If he buys into it, he will be more successful.  Feel free to call me to discuss.  513-794-6388.

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