Is anyone using Indeed Sponsored Jobs?

Hi All - we have been using Indeed Sponsored ads for about a year now and we are spending quite the chunk of change on it.  We haven't really seen the return on investment since they changed the criteria to become a featured employer on their site - it's more administrative work for our HR staff to choose which jobs are sponsored.  Before, Indeed would just sponsor all our jobs, but now they want us to pick some that are high priority and sponsor those only.  We seem to be having more luck in hiring from the non-sponsored job ads.  

I'd love to hear from you all on what other job boards you are using or other recruiting strategies?  We need to improve our social media outreach and presence so we will focus on that in 2018.  We use LinkedIn sponsored jobs right now and then post to free sights through our ATS, SmartRecruiters.  We did work with CareerBuilder from 2015-2016 but that was not a good fit for us.  

I look forward to hearing some new ideas.  Thanks!

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  • I no longer use a monthly sponsored employer budget with indeed and pay per job as needed. We were spending far more than necessary. The downside is they will not allow us to put our ATS link on the ads if we do not pay them on a monthly set spend, so the work takes much longer because we have to add the candidates manually to our ATS, which is frustrating.

    We do a sponsored ad by selecting the advanced option rather than the simple option for pricing. I use about 1.50 to 2.00 per click max on each ad and do quite well. This of course depends on how urgent it is to have the role filled. I have also noticed that earlier in the week is better than later to run ads.

  • Indeed scrubs our job website every night.  However, those jobs tend to fall down the page quickly and are hard to refresh unless you sponsor them.  We only sponsor critical or hard to fill positions.  Every year we hire large amounts of seasonal workers.  We sponsor those ads with help from our Indeed Rep.  The Rep calls this a campaign and it sends applicants directly to our website to apply.  Indeed has to set up campaigns on their end. 

    On other regular job sponsorships the resumes come straight to the hiring recruiter and we then ask applicants we plan to interview, to go to our website and fill out an application.  What I have learned working closely with our Indeed Rep is that the more key words and buzz words you put in the body of the sponsored ad the better it will match up with candidates.   This makes the ad more searchable for applicants.    When matching applicants to ads, Indeed does not just look at the title of your job.  They use computer programs to match up the whole ad.  We have used other job boards, but we find they end up on Indeed anyway and Indeed seems to be where the majority of our applicants go.  We also use Facebook and LinkedIn some as well.  You can sponsor on those sites also and it can be cheaper than Indeed depending on how you sponsor the post.

  • Machell Searls Machell Searls - thanks for the feedback!  Our ATS does have an integration with Indeed that we could look into just sponsoring some jobs accordingly like you mentioned which would be easier to go that route than manually posting the high priority jobs.  We will look into that instead of what we are doing now.  Thank you so much!

  • Hi  Mandy Wehner - If you haven't already I would highly suggest looking into programmatic ad buying through an organization like AppCast.  Many companies are switching to a more programmatic approach.  I think social is really important too, but I think a lot of organizations are still really struggling with how to really use social and how it fits into their broader TA strategy.  I'm curious...what type of roles are you usually recruiting for?

  • Todd Markle   -- Thanks for the info!  I received an email from AppCast a couple weeks ago but haven't had time to connect with them quite yet.  Interesting....

    We hire for technical roles - we are a civil engineering design firm so we are typically hiring for CAD technicians, engineers, surveyors, construction materials/testing, etc.  

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