Dave Fleming

Benefits Communication Expert, Humorous Motivational Speaker and Trainer
Dallas, TX
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Joined: 03 Dec 2016
My specialty is communicating and connecting with people and teams. On stages, in videos, and in person, I have always focused on the best way to deliver important information that engages my audience (whether 1 or 1,000) and drives them to make a change in their behavior.

I am a strong believer in the role humor plays in driving change so laughter is used to complement critical information in all of my projects. I was honored to be named the #2 corporate comedian in the US by CBSNews.com.

I am currently an entrepreneur focusing on benefits communication and inspiring teams to inject passion and humor into the workplace. My prior experience is 20 years leading the marketing and teams for brands like Dr Pepper, Pizza Hut, and Snapple. I know the challenges teams and employees face, because I have been there myself.

Finally, I believe we should laugh, every day. Here's my humorous look at office birthdays: